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Bon vivant, raconteur and all around rabble rouser, J.A. Heath is a sci-fi author and artist.
Creator of the comic book “Suzi Quazar”, he fights a never ending battle between sleep and creative energy. So far, sleep is losing…

My love for sci-fi goes back to my childhood. I grew up on a steady stream of B movie science fiction and adventure stories.

The local TV station would have a movie that ran after school and before the news came on. The best was in summer time, when they would feature a theme week of all Godzilla, or Planet of the Apes, or Alien Invasions. Comics and magazines were a steady staple of my literary diet. Kamandi, Fantastic Four, Famous Monsters and the other Warren mags were some of my favorites.  I had read all the fantasy and sci-fi classics that I could find, and that led me down the path to the wonderful world of pulp. I knew then I wanted to write stories that featured larger than life heroes, set in fantastic landscapes.

Like a lot of teenagers, I had dreams of being a comic book artist and having my own series. I was never interested in drawing other peoples characters, or telling their stories. I always dreamed of my own heroes and heroines, and the amazing adventures they had, Yep, it was a pretty simple plan back in the late 70’s, one that couldn’t fail.

Right around 1980, I saw a copy of a magazine at the local drugstore that would become a huge influence in my artistic growth: Heavy Metal.

I think this mag, more than anything, is what I want to emulate. This was a book that really broke the mold on how I viewed sequential art. Up until that time, my biggest exposure had been to Marvel and DC, and now I was seeing the greats like Corben, Moebius and Manara. It really expanded my horizons and that was the path I was going to pursue.

That is, until life happened. Now I find myself looking back and wondering where time went. Man, that can be depressing. But instead of lamenting the fact I never started writing or drawing, I knuckled down and got to work. Thanks for reading this. I am still on a journey in my art, and there is no telling where it lead me. And you know what? I don’t really care where we go, just so long as we can be creative along the way.

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