Back in deep

So I picked the awesome Reaper Miniatures Learn to Paint kit. I’d last been heavy into the mini scene in the early 90’s, then life happened. I had been a huge Games Workshop fan, so most of my collection was GW related. The current 5E craze has finally lured me back into gaming, and that also means minis.

I really like the quality of the kit, and my first new mini was a Reaper mini namded Callie- Female Rogue With Bow. Such a great value, and the detail is execellent. The Master Series Paints that are included with the set go on smooth as silk. I had my own brushes, but the two included in the kit are a good start to a beginners kit.

For me, this is a great value. I feel like I can finally build a beautiful collection without having to shell out a small fortune in doing so.