Late to the dance

It’s crazy to see how much D&D is out in pop culture now.  Having survived the Satanic Panic wars of the 80’s, this is quite refreshing.  I’ve jumped back in headfirst, both into the OSR and 5E play online.  I sell my game art over on roll20, Since I dialed down my work schedule, I’ve had more time to be able to focus on getting some good looking game on the marketplace.

To celebrate the resurgerebinding the classicsnce of D&D I decided to do something I had thought about a long time ago.  I found a hard used copy of AD&D 2e Players Handbook and the Dungeons Master Guide for next to nothing at the used book store.  I bought them to bind the Players Handbook and DM guide together in one volume, along with some graph paper, and put a nice cover on it.  A few youtube tutorials later, and my first attempt is on the work bench.  It’s not a pretty affair so far, but I like how its turning out so far.  I’m using the old back covers as the new covers, while the front covers are framed and hanging up in the studio.