Lots of work going on

I’ve been out of the social media loop for a while now, and that’s really more of function of me not being the most talkative about my personal life. I’ve put the Suzi comic on hiatus for a while, while I work out the technical details behind my next projects. I’ve been moving my 3D work into Cinema 4D in preparation for animating my stories. The Suzi comic will pick back up, but instead of having multiple tools to create and render, I’ll use just one application for creating and rendering the art. Suzi will be back in both comic and animation form this year.

Here’s the breakdown for release:
Suzi technical demos

Suzi Quazar Issue 5 complete
Suzi Quazar: TAS Episode 0
The Montauk Initiative is 60,000 horror story that will be available on Amazon this summer. The draft is finished and is in the edit phase.

Lil LoLers (League of Legends champions before they were champions)
OSR (fantasy inspired sit com)

My technical infrastructure took a bit to time to refine, but it’s allowing me and a couple of remote artists to turn around ideas quickly.

2017 is full year, but thankfully I am past the heavy lifting part on all these projects.