Late to the dance

It’s crazy to see how much D&D is out in pop culture now.  Having survived the Satanic Panic wars of the 80’s, this is quite refreshing.  I’ve jumped back in headfirst, both into the OSR and 5E play online.  I sell my game art over Read More …

Fantastic worlds

I have been working almost exclusively on the Suzi Quazar Animated Series project. But I would like to show some artwork from my other stories from time to time.  Here is a look at one of those worlds.

Pulp Heroes: Rome is COMPLETE

I did an insane volume of work this weekend.  60+ tokens for’s marketplace AND two maps?  Did I mention they were isometric maps? That’s a sneaky way of making them look 3D. Here is the final result.  I’m proud of it.  Anytime I can Read More …

More Manimori

More character work with Manimori.  All my Pathfinder characters are going to wind up in a webcomic I am working on as I get the chance.

Character: Valkira

So I have been on a Pathfinder surge lately.  I haven’t gotten this deep into my nerd roots since the early 90’s. This is another initial character design of a cleric I created.  She’s a warrior priestess, and a surly one at that. Clerics generally Read More …