Creative debt

I think this title is becoming a tag, as that’s all I can see on the horizon for a while. Now the funny thing about creative debt is that it’s both self imagined and self inflicted. The debt can be things like not updating the blog, or letting your webcomic languish while you finish writing out the story.

Suzi in space

I put so much energy into creating my first comic, Suzi Quazar, that I missed out on what Suzi was really about. It’s neither good or bad that I spent that energy, it’s just part of the creative process. But it was a part of the process that I totally overlooked. I was so focused on the visual lexicon for Suzi that I passed off style for substance. I like the first issue, but the other issues were so rough I might as well have been dictating it straight to the page.

Suzi’s creative debt is the fact that I still need to finish her story. And that is what I have been focusing on for the past few months, writing Suzi’s first novel. I’ve been paring down the roughly 100k words and shaping the story into a leaner, faster read. I’ll put up the first chapter soon over on I’m committed to keep you guys in the loop from now on about where our stories stand. Thanks for bearing with me. I’ll do my best to get you a payoff worth the belief.

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