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  • Two warriors settle a debt with blood and steel. Art from an upcoming RPG sourcebook I am working on.
  • I read alot of Heavy Metal growing up, can you tell?
  • Scene from my Suzi Quazar comic book. It's the adventures of the girl next door...IN SPACE!
  • Preview of my upcoming token set. This is our sci fi set that will be released on Roll20.net later this month.

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Radio Cosmos

Written by Jason Heath on . Posted in Cool, Music

So I borrowed an element from my Suzi Quazar comic, and that is the soundtrack.  In the sidebar, you will see a player called Radio Cosmos.  I invite you to check it out. I change the music up every couple of weeks.  It doesn’t cost anything and won’t install any files on your computer.  The only downside is that it uses Flash, so that pretty much leaves Apple users out…