Stretching after a long sleep

Life has a way of happening in real time that can really jack with your plans.  You would think I would have learned that by now.  I found myself just really stuck as far as where the story was going.  I had been working on animating my comic, Suzi Quazar, and that dominated my creative drive.   I had also become stuck in the story.  I have a very detailed outline and synopsis of the entire 10 issue arc of Suzi’s story, but I had deviated in the comic script due to my lack of ability in creating backgrounds and detail that I wanted.  I had plateaued, and it ate away at me.  I painted myself into a corner so to speak, and just shut down creatively.

I took a few months to examine what I wanted to do.  I recently turned 50 and the realization that I was no longer in a position to just waste days due to lack of motivation or inspiration.  I knew what the story was going to be, I just needed to knuckle down and grow as an artist.  So I experimented with new techniques, and got back to drawing in my sketch book daily.  I love digital art, its so powerful to me, but in the end, its hard to beat a good pencil sketch for free forming ideas.  I am cutting out as much of the fat from the story as I can.  I didn’t realize how many tropes I tried to pack into such a simple story, thus compounding my frustrations at keeping a cohesive storyline together.

I think I’m in a much better head space now, and I’m looking forward to learning and growing as Suzi’s story unfolds.