Stand by for Adventure!

I love that phrase.  I use it alot when talking about my stories.
I think I first ran across something like it when I bought the Tom Corbett Adventure “Stand by for Mars!” book at the Goodwill in my hometown in ’76.  Tom Corbett 1

That book quickly became my favorite, and the thought of a Space Patrol was the coolest thing ever.  I still have a couple of Tom Corbett books on my nightstand.
These books led me to discovering Digby Allen Space Explorer series, and of course, the Tom Swift books (he exclaimed loudly!)

Mix in watching re-runs of Jonny Quest, Lost in Space and Star Trek, I have a deeply ingrained love of the classic retro space style.  If  it’s Astro oriented, I am all over it.

My comic book Suzi Quazar is not my first attempt at telling a cosmic inspired space story.
Astronoir was my first go, but I bit off way more than I could chew.
Epic space opera, with a light dash of noir and attitude, I think I tried to do too much too soon.

As I develop my storytelling chops, and get back into the whole atomic style adventure world, I am slowly retooling Astro.
In the meantime, Suzi and her adventures are my main creative focus.
For fun, I have gotten back into gaming in a big way.
And, not so surprisingly, it’s spilling over into my creative works.
I have had a new focus and influx of energy since getting back into gaming.
I have been playing mostly fantasy (hello Pathfinder!) and I think that will be my go to fantasy game for sometime to come.
But I also love sci-fi, and it wouldn’t be a stretch to say I like sci-fi way more than fantasy.  So I have been looking for a sci-fi game to jump into, something that wouldn’t be super heavy with rules and tech, at least not right off the bat.
Something about like Star Frontiers from way back when.

When I went and picked up my Pathfinder Core Rulebook from Madness Games in Plano, I noticed a little red book with a cool insignia.
Cosmic PatrolCosmic Patrol.
Hmm, this looked interesting, and as I flipped thru it, it jumped out at me as something to get.
It’s a great setting, and has a really cool story mechanic that uses a rotating GM to move the story along.
I thought this was fascinating, but also a hindrance since you would need some pretty confident gamers to make this system work.
Everyone has a hand in telling the story.  And I think that is the difference that is most appealing to me.

I know dice rolling is a big part of any game, but I am definitely looking for more roleplaying, the fun, crazy problem solving that goes beyond “My guy shoots it with his raygun”.  I don’t have a local gaming group, but I liked the book and went ahead and got it.
Flash forward to finding roll20 and all the gaming communities on Google+.
I make a post about playing Cosmic Patrol and found some like minded fellows that are interested in starting up a game.  I am looking way forward to getting this game going.  If you love the robots and rayguns, I would certainly recommend giving Cosmic Patrol a try.
And if you can’t find a local group, come see us on the G+ community.

I bet you’ll like it!