Enter SAF

So back in 2008 I wrote my first screenplay.  It was an action/spy thriller about two agents working for a nameless government unit that dealt with the bad guys that fell thru the cracks or were able to escape the system.  With my wife Lewaine helping me with sounding out ideas and doing the editing, I was able to get a cool story written.

I shot some test footage for the film, casting it with friends and family.  Long story short, I never got to shoot this film, and the script has been on my desk for the past 5 years.  The only title it had was Short Action Film, or SAF.

After the chaos of 2012, I was looking to get my creative groove back on, but Lewaine had been insistent that start putting my art out there.  So I looked long and hard at what projects I had that would work well as a comic.  When I saw that orange folder with the script, I knew I had found my project.

You can click over to the SAF page and see more art and find out about the project.  It feels good to get my groove back on.  I am looking forward to showing you something cool.