Creative Debt

I’ve had a debt problem lately.  And not just the money kind, but a creativity debt. In my day job, I write software, and one of the concepts I deal with is technical debt.  Sometimes, I have to make some quick and dirty decisions on how to keep the project moving, even though it might not be the optimal choice.  This can lead to areas of code that need to be redesigned before we can add future enhancements.  This is an example of technical debt. But the biggest cost of technical debt is that it can slow down your delivery. And delivery is everything in software.

I spent the better part of the weekend overhauling this blog, getting my books up for sale on Amazon, filling out my GoodReads profile and doing some quick reviews.  To me, these are all examples of the creative debt I had incurred on the Suzi project.  I made myself do all the things that I had simply given up on.  But none of these “issues” had anything to do with my writing.  They are simple targets to point to and say “Hey, there’s work to be done over there, let me knock it out.”  And I’m right, that is work that needs to be done, but does it need to be done now?  Why worry about setting up a profiles and blogs and all the great stuff I need to “build my brand” and “grow my tribe” when I’ve not delivered anything?

Figure out what your hidden debts are, and start paying extra to pay them down.  Add a few more words to your session targets, take a few minutes to clean out those.  But don’t forgo your writing.  Getting started is the hardest part, they say. Well, I’ve started, when does it get easier?