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Do we ever assume a final form?

Written by Jason Heath on . Posted in Blog

My wife gets onto me about how often I have changed this blogs theme and focus over the years. And I can totally see her point, I have been neglecting this blog in favor of a few other projects (I’m looking at you Suzi Quazar!) that I am working on.  I hit a tremendous creative and technical surge in November, and it has snowballed into the new year.  My 3d skills have grown incredibly the past few months, and my ability to organize the work I need to do in order to deliver these projects on time has opened some new doors for me.

March is going to be a great month, as I debut a new project, that will really allow me to showcase my stories.  It’s a good time to be a creative!


Fantastic worlds

Written by Jason Heath on . Posted in Art, Comics, Design, RPG, Sci-Fi

I have been working almost exclusively on the Suzi Quazar Animated Series project. But I would like to show some artwork from my other stories from time to time.  Here is a look at one of those worlds.



Why not 25 cent comics?

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Yeah, I get it, inflation and all that. I keep thinking back to my youth, and how aggravated I was when comics when from twenty cents to a quarter. That move knocked one whole book out of my allowance rotation. Not cool, not cool at all. But I understand now why it happened. Now my own comic, Suzi Quazar: Space Girl Adventures, I have it set up for Print on Demand at indyplanet.com.  And it’s a whopping $4.99. My cost as of August 2014 is $3.12 per book. That put’s $1.87 in my wallet for each issue sold there.  My grand total so far: $0. And that is to be expected, since I haven’t shilled it out. While I can’t control what my print costs are right now (I know I could kickstart a campaign to raise money for a print run)

I *can* control what my digital comic costs are, and as of now, I am going with 25 cents. A quarter.

I want to try something new. Suzi is a story that I want to tell, and I’d create the comic regardless of it selling or not. That is the beauty of self publishing. I can do what I think is cool, without having to worry about the commercial aspect of it.2014-01-01

Issue 1 will be free, and the webcomic will still be free, but if you want the digital copy of Issue 2 and beyond, you only pay a quarter. In the next 30 days, I will have the novella of Issue 1: Terror at the Edge of the Universe complete and available for free download on the site. I’m not sure if I am going to do a physical book, but I do plan on offering a special “illustrated novel” version in digital comic format available for fifty cents. This will be the first of an increasing catalog of original material available from me at micro-transaction prices.
Issue 2 will follow the same format and so on, thru out the series.

And I gotta be totally honest with you, I don’t read many new comics these days. I spend most of my comic time hunting down and reading all the books from the 60’s. 70’s and 80’s that I didn’t get to read as a kid.

Pulp Heroes: Sci-Fi Sampler!

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I worked up my next set of tokens for Roll20.net.  The Pulp Heroes: Sci-Fi Sampler contains 19 characters with 3 different poses, 6 backgrounds and 6 ships.  I have also included  tokens for Suzi Quazar.  This is the first time I am getting to cross promote her.  I am thinking of turning Issue 1 of Suzi into a Savage Worlds one shot adventure.  That sounds better to me the more I say it…



You know why I haven’t updated in forever?

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I’ve been working exclusively on Suzi Quazar for the  past three months!  I am going to work up my next set of roll20.net tokens this weekend.  I am still here, just super busy, but in a very good kinda way!