Pulp Heroes: Sci-Fi Sampler!

I worked up my next set of tokens for Roll20.net.  The Pulp Heroes: Sci-Fi Sampler contains 19 characters with 3 different poses, 6 backgrounds and 6 ships.  I have also included  tokens for Suzi Quazar.  This is the first time I am getting to cross promote her.  I am thinking of turning Issue 1 of Suzi into a Savage Worlds one shot adventure.  That sounds better to me the more I say it…



Updated and upgraded!

2014 starts out strong as I upgrade my primary workstation to fantastic level, and I begin the building of the cloud based render farm for Maya and Toon Boom.  I have been offline most of the New Year so far, but it’s been a ton of fun getting back into drawing.  I forgot how much I missed the tactile sensations that go with pencils and markers.

Animation ahead!

So I spent close to 20 hours this weekend getting Suzi Quazar drawn in Anime Studio.  It’s been forever and a day since I worked with vector drawing.  Once I got my head around the toolset, it wasn’t that bad.  I had plenty of references to draw from.  And yes, while the initial designs are still a tad rough, for not having done this in depth work in AS, I am pretty proud of the results.  I still have about another week of rigging, then the usual tweaking and testing.

I am pretty stoked that by this summer, we will have some Suzi Quazar animated adventures online.  It’s been a good weekend, way to short as usual, but good.

I found this song and I really dig that 70′s sci-fi vibe.